An Amazon Paddle Steamer for Leipzig Zoo

The Amazon Paddle Steamer play ship is the highlight of Leipzig Zoo’s new play area – and it sits in front of a parrot see-saw, two wobbly rafts, a wobbly canoe, an extra-wide hammock, a climbing course, three piranha springers and a crocodile springer, all made by Ziegler Playgrounds. There were cheers from young zoo visitors as they dashed to clamber all over the paddler steamer, which is made from robinia wood and can be found in the zoo’s South American-themed area.

Spread across three levels, the play ship has plenty to offer: a tubular stainless steel slide, two large paddle wheels for playing on and plenty of little hand-carved details. A rotatable wheel on deck and a captain’s hat and compass show how much love and attention to detail went into this steamer. What’s more, the ship’s young crew can stay in touch using a hose phone connecting the robinia wood bridge and engine room.

“We wanted to provide an original piece of playground equipment for the zoo – one that would fit in wonderfully in the South American-themed world, look great and be bursting with opportunities for play. We think we did just that,” explained the managing director of Ziegler Playgrounds, Günther Ziegler, as he reflected on the steamer’s instant popularity.