Usedom Pirate Island

With “Usedom Pirate Island” we came up with a unique maritime-themed park for the popular holiday island.

The eleven-metre-long play ship “Globetrotter” is excellent for climbing fun and packed with plenty of opportunities for exciting role-playing games. It’s equipped with a rotatable wheel on deck as well as water cannons below deck, making it feel like a real ship. An eight-metre-high lighthouse can be accessed via a spiral staircase. And it’s best to get back down again using the tubular stainless steel slide.

In the “Pirate Laundry” and on “Sailors’ Mud Island” little buccaneers can get muddy and splash around to their heart’s content. Waterworks, mud tables, water pumps, bucket lifts and water wheels provide refreshing play on hot island days. At the “Rascals’ Village” children can climb, put their skills and balance to the test on suspension and rope bridge constructions, and make their way through an adventurous climbing course.

And there’s even plenty for younger children under three to discover. Ziegler Playgrounds designed the “Stormy Sandpit” especially for them. A sandpit over two levels inside a shipwreck lying on its side offers them a shady spot for age-appropriate play.