The quality in the manufacture of our playground equipment is in the first place. This begins with a reasoned design of new equipment, with precise selection of the workpiece and ends in the delivery or installation by reliable partners. In the production of our playground equipment in our modern workshops, we use only selected high-quality materials:

Robinia wood: Use of selected, naturally grown trunks from recognized forest enterprises. It is processed exclusively heartwood. With great effort the light sapwood is removed intensively. Only then our demand is achieved.

Rope goods: Purchase from audited rope manufacturers

Slides: High grade steel slides of German single manufacturers

Glazes: "Saliva and sweat proof" with ecological standards, means it can be activated no harmful substances when in contact with liquids. Production in Germany

Connections: Purchase from leading German quality companies

Attached parts: Using of parts only made of high grade steel

Control: Certification after European law of  DIN EN 1176