Climbing Course – training course for multi-skillClimbing Course made or Robinia woodClimbing – and balancing Course, suitable for school yard
Climbing Course – training course for multi-skill
Climbing Course made or Robinia wood
Climbing – and balancing Course, suitable for school yard

Art. no. 13.19.

Climbing Course

Our Climbing Course is an adventurous combination of climbing and swinging elements and a great source of inspiration for role-playing games. Animal tracks and a climbing teepee are reminiscent of stories about Native Americans, inviting children to dream up themed games. As an assault course, our Climbing Course also has plenty of opportunities to get moving, with a training section for dexterity and balance.


from approx. 3 years of age on
approx. 3690 x 220 x 300 cm (L, W, H)
approx. 39,8 x 5,2 m (L, W)
210 cm

Due to the individual growth of the robinia wood and the natural way in which it is processed, all dimensions specified are APPROXIMATE VALUES! We reserve the right to make technical modifications. Check dimensions on site! Playground equipment is manufactured according to the standard DIN EN 1176. The scope of delivery is dependent on the text describing the product or service offered.