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Village Square Combination
Village Square Combination

Art. no. 10.19.

Village Square Combination

With a range of platform heights, our “Village Square” offers children of all ages exciting and safe opportunities to play. Like in a real “village community”, all children – from the old to the very young – can “pull their weight”. Joining forces, they can transport the sand upwards using the lift and feed it back down in the special gutter. The bridge between the two play towers is quite a wobbly affair, training children’s concentration. The climbing tower, with its pretty gabled roof, has a slide to round off the fun factor.


from approx. 3 years of age on
approx. 660 x 580 x 360 cm (L, W, H)
approx. 9,6 x 9,3 m (L, W)
150 cm

Due to the individual growth of the robinia wood and the natural way in which it is processed, all dimensions specified are APPROXIMATE VALUES! We reserve the right to make technical modifications. Check dimensions on site! Playground equipment is manufactured according to the standard DIN EN 1176. The scope of delivery is dependent on the text describing the product or service offered.


Village Square Combination