Stately Horse - Art. no. Horse - Art. no. Horse - Art. no. with Drag - Art. no. 23.02.03.Giant Horse (Seat H 120) - Art. no. 33.08.Balance Beam Snake - Art. no. 23.03.01.Balance Beam Grasshopper - Art. no. 23.03.02.Gletschergoass - Art. no. 50.25.04.Cow - Art. no. 50.25.05.Playfigure Goat - Art. no. 50.25.06.
Stately Horse - Art. no.
Lovely Horse - Art. no.
Cute Horse - Art. no.
Horse with Drag - Art. no. 23.02.03.
Giant Horse (Seat H 120) - Art. no. 33.08.
Balance Beam Snake - Art. no. 23.03.01.
Balance Beam Grasshopper - Art. no. 23.03.02.
Gletschergoass - Art. no. 50.25.04.
Cow - Art. no. 50.25.05.
Playfigure Goat - Art. no. 50.25.06.

Playfigures made of Robinia wood

Play wooden figures wearing their own handwriting. Our wood designers create with great attention to detail artful uniques. The Robina wood figures give each area its own character and are on the playground identification figure for children of all ages. On theme playgrounds such as a farm playground wooden carved animals like cow, horse or goat create a role play. They can be placed at almost any location.

On request, we very much like individual figures for recreational areas and nurseries.    

For colorful variants we use glazes with ecological standards. These are sweat and saliva proof and therefore harmless.