Locomotive - Art. no. 23.01.1.Sleeper Car - Art. no. 23.01.2.Panorama Car - Art. no. 23.01.3.Train - Art. no. 23.01.4.Snail Train - Art. no. 23.11.10.Railway Balance Beam - Art. no. 23.03.04.Crocodile Balance Beam - Art. no. 23.03.07.Gnome`s Bench - Art. no.`s Bench with Sculpture - Art. no. House Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.07.Stables Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.08.Music Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.09.Barn Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.10.Toadstool Playhouse - Art. no. 23.11.14.Little Farmers Play Village - Art. no. 23.31.Kitchen Playhouse - Art. no. 23.13.Shop - Art. no. 23.11.02.Small Shed - Art. no. 23.11.03.Tower Variant with Railing - Art. no. 23.07.OS.Grasshopper Slide - Art. no. 23.08.Play Combination - Art. no. 23.11.05.Small Dragon - Art. no. 23.11.12.Play Platform with Marble Run - Art. no. 23.30.01.Fire Brigade Jeep - Art. no. 23.15.Play Tractor - Art. no. 23.30.15.Sand Trailer - Art. no. See-saw - Art. no. 23.30.16.Little Forest Barrier-free Play Combination - Art. no. 23.40.
Locomotive - Art. no. 23.01.1.
Sleeper Car - Art. no. 23.01.2.
Panorama Car - Art. no. 23.01.3.
Train - Art. no. 23.01.4.
Snail Train - Art. no. 23.11.10.
Railway Balance Beam - Art. no. 23.03.04.
Crocodile Balance Beam - Art. no. 23.03.07.
Gnome`s Bench - Art. no.
Gnome`s Bench with Sculpture - Art. no.
Farm House Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.07.
Stables Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.08.
Music Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.09.
Barn Playhouse - Art. no. 23.30.10.
Toadstool Playhouse - Art. no. 23.11.14.
Little Farmers Play Village - Art. no. 23.31.
Kitchen Playhouse - Art. no. 23.13.
Shop - Art. no. 23.11.02.
Small Shed - Art. no. 23.11.03.
Tower Variant with Railing - Art. no. 23.07.OS.
Grasshopper Slide - Art. no. 23.08.
Play Combination - Art. no. 23.11.05.
Small Dragon - Art. no. 23.11.12.
Play Platform with Marble Run - Art. no. 23.30.01.
Fire Brigade Jeep - Art. no. 23.15.
Play Tractor - Art. no. 23.30.15.
Sand Trailer - Art. no.
Mini See-saw - Art. no. 23.30.16.
Little Forest Barrier-free Play Combination - Art. no. 23.40.

Playground products for toddler under 3 years old

Infants below three years of age love drawing inspiration from characters when they play. This is why Ziegler Playgrounds has developed playground equipment for crèches and infant playgrounds which are easily recognisable as particular characters; their cute appearance also has an emotional impact on little ones. We came up with our Snail Train and gnome characters, for example, for precisely this reason.
Railways and trains are an important part of our range, because they lend themselves to role-playing games for this age group.    
Furthermore, even the youngest kids like imitating familiar social situations, such as shopping or kitchen work. So in addition to our Shop and “Kitchen” Playhouse, we also created our Toddlers’ Village – which includes a church, a school and a music playhouse.  
Smaller play towers are equally exciting for the very young.