Double See-saw - Art. no. 4.02.Spring Animal Snail - Art. no. 4.03.01.Spring Animal Beetle - Art. no. 4.03.02.Spring Animal Sheep - Art. no. Jungle - Art. no. 4.11.4Spring Animal Whale - Art. no. 4.03.04.Spring Animal Dolphin - Art. no. 4.03.05.Spring Animal Frog - Art. no. 4.03.06.Spring Animal Squirrel - Art. no. 4.03.07.Spring Animal Wild Boar - Art. no. 4.03.08.Spring Animal Catfish - Art. no. 4.03.09.Spring Animal Goldfish - Art. no. 4.03.10.Spring Animal Chipmunk - Art. no. 4.03.12.Spring Animal Seal - Art. no. 4.03.14.Spring Animal Goat - Art. no. 4.03.16.Spring Animal Pig - Art. no. 4.03.20.Spring animal grasshopper - Art. no. 4.03.25.Spring animal duck - Art. no. 4.03.26.Spring Animal Horse - Art. no. 4.05.02.Spring Animal Bee - Art. no. 4.05.03.Springer Aeroplane - Art. no. 4.07.Spring Boat Jonathan - Art. no. 4.04.Balance-beam Spring Animal Snake - Art. no. 4.05.Balance-beam Spring Animal Crocodile - Art. no. 4.05.01.Spring Animal Dragonfly - Art. no. 4.10.
Double See-saw - Art. no. 4.02.
Spring Animal Snail - Art. no. 4.03.01.
Spring Animal Beetle - Art. no. 4.03.02.
Spring Animal Sheep - Art. no. 4.03.03.
4-Seat-Springer Jungle - Art. no. 4.11.4
Spring Animal Whale - Art. no. 4.03.04.
Spring Animal Dolphin - Art. no. 4.03.05.
Spring Animal Frog - Art. no. 4.03.06.
Spring Animal Squirrel - Art. no. 4.03.07.
Spring Animal Wild Boar - Art. no. 4.03.08.
Spring Animal Catfish - Art. no. 4.03.09.
Spring Animal Goldfish - Art. no. 4.03.10.
Spring Animal Chipmunk - Art. no. 4.03.12.
Spring Animal Seal - Art. no. 4.03.14.
Spring Animal Goat - Art. no. 4.03.16.
Spring Animal Pig - Art. no. 4.03.20.
Spring animal grasshopper - Art. no. 4.03.25.
Spring animal duck - Art. no. 4.03.26.
Spring Animal Horse - Art. no. 4.05.02.
Spring Animal Bee - Art. no. 4.05.03.
Springer Aeroplane - Art. no. 4.07.
Spring Boat Jonathan - Art. no. 4.04.
Balance-beam Spring Animal Snake - Art. no. 4.05.
Balance-beam Spring Animal Crocodile - Art. no. 4.05.01.
Spring Animal Dragonfly - Art. no. 4.10.

See-saws and spring animals made of Robinia wood

The classic “see-saw” lets children move themselves up and down. The children have to take it in turns in this playful form of communication. All our see-saws are made using natural, solid wood and feature stainless steel handles and bearings.
With their unique designs, Ziegler’s spring animals are popular playground companions. Our wood sculptors pour plenty of love into bringing animals such as squirrels, crocodiles and goldfish to life.
We are also happy to design and build customised rockers, such as aeroplanes, for themed playgrounds. Depending on the size of the figure, we use one, two or three springs per piece.
We create rocking animals that are suitable for both crèches and nurseries. Upon request they can also be fitted with footrests.